Andrea has hands down changed my entire life.

She believed in me when no one else did. Within two weeks of us working together, I went from making 650 in a month to 5K. I have since then made five figures in a month and have had massive business growth. Her mentorship gave me the confidence in my intuitive gifts, healing, and coaching and unlocked a part of me that was always there but felt like it was far away. I honestly became a woman from working with Andrea. She is a special person because she understands your energy and also guides you in a no BS way that I really appreciate.

I am beyond grateful to have a mentor like her for so many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is for how much she cares. She believes in each one of her clients, gives full permission, and sees every part of her client’s soul. That kind of mentorship is hard to find and the results go way beyond just financial. This has translated into me helping women transform their lives all around the world, having deeper and amazing relationships in my personal life, and a beautiful relationship with myself.

I am for sure keeping Andrea on retainer for a long time.

Rachel Kirkham

I signed up for a 6 month coaching package with Andrea. At that time, I’d been running my business for 4 years and still not breaking over $40K a year. I’d already invested thousands in business and personal coaching, and while those programs and packages supported me into the next phase of my journey, I never felt like I was making my investment back; monetarily or otherwise.

With Andrea, we’re not even halfway through our time together and I’ve already made back MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount I invested in her. Working with her is literally the best investment I’ve EVER made in myself. Not only monetarily, but emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. Andrea supported me in believing in myself. ​She supported me in having confidence in my gifts. ​She supported me in seeing the value that I bring to the table for my own clients.

And that, my friends, is priceless.

Erin Gallagher
Healer, Teacher, Coach

I knew I had magic in me to help people through coaching. As a Certified OBM, my clients benefit a lot with our calls and sessions. I had already built a 6 figure business and I work multi 7 figure businesses but I knew I was made for more – it wasn’t 100% aligned.

My soul craved to speak up and show up more in the light that feels more aligned. I wanted to find my voice and step into my power. So I hired Andrea. In our first session, she helped get out of my head (I’m super strategic and masculine in my ways) and ease into the flow. Just a few days after, I landed 3 clients and made $35,000 in sales. Granted, those are clients that I’ve been planning to land but I’ve been trying to do that for 6 months until Andrea helped me activate my intuitive power and voice.

10 years in the business in the masculine world, I can’t help but always fall back into my strategic head and not trust my intuition. One of the most powerful sessions we’ve had was when she tapped into a block that I’ve always had but never knew existed. She created a safe container for me to be open and be held while I go back to that memory and start my healing process – it was MIND BLOWING. After that session, I am a new person and I can take on new demons in my life! I was reborn. I am more confident and fierce to serve my clients more. I am more ready than ever to put myself out there and trust that the universe has my back. I was able to share this healing experience with my husband which I would typically not do because I could have not processed the way that I did had Andrea not guided me through the journey. “That

session alone was worth every $ you invested” is what my husband said. And you know you made the right investment when a Filipino Frugal Husband says that.

I know this is just the beginning of my journey and Andrea guided me to lean into my feminine and trust my power more and so I can serve my family, my clients, my business, and myself wholly and fully and more powerful than ever.

Je suis prêt!

So let me introduce the new me, My name is Antoinette and I am a Lifestyle Business Coach helping clients create a business that supports their lifestyle and not the other way around so you too will have the time, bandwidth and abundance you desire to be able to explore the deepest layers of yourself and take it to the next level. My coaching approach is both strategic and intuitive. My mission is to guide you to define what success meant to you and build a thriving business and the life that you desire!

Working with Andrea made me the coach I’ve always meant to be – I just wasn’t owning it. THANK YOU!


Antoinette Placides

Andrea sees all of me – a vision of the powerful, unstoppable healer I truly am who I haven’t yet fully manifested. She sees my potential to weave natural medicine with coaching, speak at live events, and share my inspired work in big ways to have a massive impact. Through our work, she calls this unstoppable woman forward and makes for damn sure I don’t hide, because we both know that the world needs this most authentic expression of who I am. Whenever I doubt myself, from fear of inadequacy or judgment, she calls me back into the truth of who I am. I am in the beginning phases of my business, and already through our coaching I’m in a ​completely different state of mind. One of endless abundance and possibility instead of lack and fear. All that we’re currently working on is setting the stage for wild success. ​I can feel it.​ I don’t know where I’d be in my confidence as to share my gifts without her wise guidance, loving support, fiery encouragement, and widespread knowledge. The universe delivered, and I am endlessly grateful.

Savannah Bukant

I am so grateful that the Universe brought Andrea and me together. Andrea is a queen. She cares so much about her clients and gives them so much. Working with her has been life changing for me!

I love that Andrea doesn’t just coach strategy but she also uses her intuition to guide me. Her gifts are so powerful! Having a coach and mentor who can sense what I am feeling and what I need, and then adjust to that has honestly been transformational for me. Its because of this that she has been able to help me get to the root of the beliefs that have been holding me back in my business and in life in general like no one else has before. I love that she doesn’t sugarcoat things and keeps things real, calling me out on my BS.

I have never had a mentor who cares so much about me, who seeks out every opportunity to help me and raise me up. With Andrea’s guidance I was able to make my first sale, something I didn’t think would happen for a long time. She also connected me with a network of amazing women, some of whom have become my soul sisters.

Most importantly, Andrea whole-heartedly understands me in a way that no one has before. She sees me for who I am and not only gives me permission to be my authentic self at all times, but also believes in me and my gifts. Over the time I have worked with her, my confidence in my own power has grown tremendously. In fact, she is my greatest inspiration because I know that if she can do it so can I.

Jenny Skripko
Intuitive Holistic Healer

I knew I wanted to work with Andrea when she showed up to our group coaching calls in her towel, with a towel on her head. I immediately thought, “Damn, this chick does not care what people think.” I was instantly drawn to her powerful energy.

Andrea has a soul-fire about her that is infectious and she is able to switch into a supportive energy when you need it most. She leads with soul, loves what she does and that energy comes out in her work. I had been struggling for about a year within my business and after 1 month of working with Andrea, I made 9k in a week! She pulled me forward to do the scary things and helped me clear limiting beliefs that have been holding me back for years. Her confidence is EVERYTHING and I plan on keeping Andrea in my corner for as long as possible.

Elizabeth Fagan

For a long time, I had a hobby, with a burning desire to turn it into a business. Within two weeks of working with Andrea, I had a business. I had clarity, purpose, and vision. I had an engaged audience. I had clients! Consistently!

Andrea is a goddess of a coach for many, many reasons. Chief among them: she will shower you with boundless love and also hold your feet to the fire. She asks you to show up and do the damn thing already, all while being the fiercest champion you could ever ask for. She’s authentic, hilarious, deeply intuitive, and sharp as hell when it comes to building thriving online business.

Andrea has changed my life, and I’ll be forever grateful that I listened to my intuition and took the leap with her.

Kyley Caldwell

Andrea came into my life at a time where I felt stuck. I had invested thousands of dollars in business coaches and even more in life coaches, healers, and manifestation courses to try to overcome what was holding me back from success. Defeated after years of investing without the reality of growth in my business, I felt like I would never find the mentor that could take me to the next level. After one call with Andrea, everything changed. Her abilities to tap in to you and what you need while also giving you actionable steps and a no BS approach to accountability are unparalleled. In less than 30 minutes she helped me overcome 20+ years of limiting beliefs and past trauma, and in under a month I had a clear strategy on what would 10x my momentum.

Andrea is so much more than a business coach. She is the most loving, caring and fiery person I’ve ever had in my corner. She helped me understand my worth and truly believe in the gifts I bring to the world. Andrea helped me reignite my passion for wellness and define my gifts with such clarity that I have the confidence to truly own who I am. Because of her I’m creating the massive change I was meant to make in ways I never dreamed possible.

If you want a quantum leap in your life, your business, and in your world, there’s no one like her. Andrea, thank you for believing in me when I was losing drive and faith in my business. You are truly a gift.

Alexandria ​Bydalek
Functional Wellness Practitioner​

I almost told myself “you don’t need to have more coaching”. I am SO glad that I got out of my own way and signed up with Andrea because it was exactly what I needed. She calls you out on your limiting BS with love, she holds a beautiful loving space when you need it, she cares about you and she’s not afraid to speak her truth which is so refreshing. We’ve had only a few calls and already I hit my biggest month in sales – $17.5k. The results speak for themselves, and I’ve already made back way more than my investment. If you’re ready to get out of your own way and take the leap with Andrea, just do it. I’m so grateful for you and your coaching Andrea, thank you SO much, love you!!


Chloe Saffron
Intuitive Abundance Coach